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Etsy is so much more than an online shop platform, is a global community of amazing artists, sharing interests and knowledge. Etsy teams is an important part of this. I have joined “European Kids Team” and couldn’t be happier. If you are thinking of anything for baby or kid, made in europe from talented artists and crafters, this is the place! This month we started friendly blogging and I found out that it’s a great way to know team members better and get in touch with their work. 

Zanda, really got my attention with this stylish baby boy blazer

I want a baby boy to wear it! 
After this, I had to know more and found out all of her handmade clothes are so cool!  (And her son is so cute…right?) I really relate to her materials choice (natural and high quality cotton and linen) and loved the story of the name ZanziBach – witch came from her childhood when her father invented some characters to tell her stories…so sweet!

Read this little interview so you get to know her better, and please do yourself a favor and visit her cute shop and her blog.

1. Tell me some things about you – Where are you from, where do you live, how is your family?
I am from Latvia, country near the Baltic Sea. I have beautiful husband and little son who is 1 year and 9 month old. We live in our little apartment in city Jelgava. My family supports me in my creative work and encourages me to proceed what I have been starting.

2. When and why did you start blogging? And how did you start selling on Esty?

I started my first blog about sewing ‘My creative side’ ( in year 2010. I was encouraged by my course mate who already blogged about knitting and she wanted to follow my sewing process. So I decided to start my blog. My current blog ‘ZanziBach handmade boys clothing’ ( I started just this year at the same time I started sell on Etsy. In this blog I will share thing related with my boys clothing line, I will show the process of design and creating, my inspiration and daily life.When our son came to our family, I start to sew clothing for him. It turns out to be so exciting to be able to dress him in distinct clothes using natural materials. So I decided it is time to open my own boys clothing line. ZanziBach is boys clothing fully handmade by me.

3. How did your passion for sewing came along? And how do you learned it?

I have been big crafter from childhood. In childhood I dealt more with knitting. I was tempted to sewing too, because my cousin did a little sewing and I thought this is so cool to do clothing and accessories by myself, but I did not have sewing machine and our family couldn’t afford it at that time.The first thing that I sew was trouser skirts at school. Later I used to borrow sewing machine from my moms friend for sewing. First things were: skirts, dresses, trousers. At that time I was about 14-15 years old. I didn’t stop dreaming about my sewing machine, but unfortunately it didn’t come true. With borrowed sewing machine I sewed dresses for my sister, myself, my mom and little sister.Then I left sewing for several years until I started to work and finally was able to buy my first sewing machine. I bought it eight years ago.At the beginning I was self-toughed seamstress. Some years ago I graduated sewing and pattern making courses. I have been sewing clothes for myself, my family and my friends.

4. Tell me more about how you started printing your own fabrics.

One of my friends introduced me to screen printing method. I got interested in it and explored more fabric printing techniques: screen printing, block printing e.c. My inspiration is Lotta Jansdotter ( I am on my start point in fabric printing, but I will continue to improve.

5. What’s your main source of inspiration? 

Of course it is my son and all the related thing with him. One of great inspiration source is children books, there are such an interesting characters and even fashion! Pinterest also is amazing place to go for inspiration.

6. What kind of clothes can we find on your shop?

In my Etsy shop ( you can find boys clothing age 1 year – 6 years old. I think about little boys comfort and sew easy wearable, breathable, colorful, one-of-a kind, limited edition clothing with little retro touch. Each garment is created from natural materials and is high quality. I use linen, cotton and cotton jersey. There are some pieces created from my own printed fabric.

7. What do you have planned from now forward?

First of all I will work on filling my shop with new clothing pieces in different sizes. So the customer will have choice to choose from. I will add more boys accessories and maybe even toys. My future plan is to grow this small business so I can make it my day job. I love what I am doing, so it would be my dream!

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